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BT 400-500

Discover the future of electric vehicles with BattSwap. Our small electric utility truck is designed to meet all your needs, from last mile delivery to municipal services. With a variety of addons available, you can customize your truck for any kind of utilization. Our in-house built simple design minimizes downtime for servicing and maintenance, allowing you to maximize your operations.

BattSwap BT is build on the

NEXTEM ORCA platform.

WhatsApp Image 2024-04-17 at 18.51.54_b98e004a.jpg


120 KMS

Our guarantee for range and performance, no matter what season or load, sets us apart from the competition. 

UP TO 5 M3

The box comes in perfectly customized setup meeting your business needs. All up to 5 m3 cargo space.

85 KM/H

Agility tailored for narrow city streets is combined with swift speed characteristics on highways.


The only utility EV with zero emissions providing unlimited operation due to revolutionary swap technology.

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